Qigong (chi kung) and Taijiquan (t'ai chi ch'uan) sessions in south-east Cumbria with Andi Chapple and others

Hello! My name is Andi Chapple and I have previously organised qigong and taiji sessions in south-east Cumbria. At the moment I am not organising any regular sessions while I sort out moving house, but I am available for one-to-one sessions. Please follow the link below for some information about me and links to a few videos:

Information about my credentials, links to videos and a note on spelling Chinese words


This is a vast subject encompassing bodily toning, stretching and relaxation; good posture and efficient movement, leading to improved balance; deep, relaxed breathing; integration of mind and body, mental relaxation and an accepting, focussed state of mind; meditation; the Chinese conception of energy, well-being and the cosmos; elegant sequences of movements; and partner work leading to full-on martial art. Loosely, qigong can be seen as a set of practices that are done for their own sake and to prepare the body and mind for the movements of taiji.

My approach is to practise lots and not to talk very much if I can help it. When you do qigong and taiji, you reprogramme the body's posture and perform slightly odd movements to exercise particular joints; this begins to change your mind's model of your body and show where it is inaccurate, which is confusing (although the process is fun when you get used to it!), so I don't introduce the details of bodily alignment until people look happy with the basics. Qigong and taiji can also be quite emotional when deep muscles, which sometimes hold tension from old memories and habitual thoughts, relax, or when you start to get a feeling of energy flowing through your body; I like people to have a bit of space to let that happen.

There is a lot of detail in qigong and taiji, it's there for a reason, and I do teach it, but gradually.


Please contact me at andi (at) music (dot) freakout (dot) biz or on 015396 22045.