Qigong (chi kung) and Taijiquan (t'ai chi ch'uan) classes in Lancaster with Andi Chapple

Classes and one-to-one teaching for spring 2021

flyer for T'ai Chi and Qigong for Beginners and Improvers, 7pm Thursdays at the Gregson Centre in Lancaster, £7 per session

A more traditional taiji and qigong class. Wild Goose qigong as a self-care system and the basis for a grammar of movement comes first; taiji movements will probably come along after a month or six weeks. The emphasis is on practice, so if you don't come to every session you won't miss stuff. I'd prefer to know you're coming but it is possible to drop in as the space has room to accommodate extra people. Here is a link to the Gregson's website. The postcode is LA1 3PY. Parking is on the streets round about the venue.

Click here to download a risk assessment for classes at the Gregson.

flyer for Mindful Body Embodied Mind classes at Exhale, the Storey, Lancaster - awareness in movement, Wednesdays at 10am, £7, and movement and stillness, Sundays ay 7pm, £5

These classes aren't going to end up with me teaching a taiji form. They will use qigong and taiji movements to introduce how it works as self-care and to help people relax and ground themselves. We will also look at relaxed awareness of the body and mind (which are the same thing!). Wednesday mornings will involve more movement and learning movements; Sunday evenings will be much more about gentleness and stillness. Here is a link to Exhale's website. The postcode is LA1 1TH. Weekday parking is probably best at the car park on Meeting House Lane; parking is free in front of the Castle on Sunday evenings. Because these will be small groups, to avoid disappoinment please let me know you are planning to come along.

Click here to download a risk assessment for classes at the Storey.

I am also available for a one-to-one look at any of the above as well as taiji push hands and staff. Get in touch.


If you are interested, please contact me at andichapple (at) gmail (dot) com, on 07891 908025 or via Facebook - look for Elephant Mountain Taichi.

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