Qigong (chi kung) and Taijiquan (t'ai chi ch'uan) Wednesday session in Kendal with Andi Chapple

Wednesday evenings for beginners and improvers in Kendal

Please note that Castle Street Centre have the builders in after Easter to repair flood damage. Sadly, the session on 6 April is cancelled but I am expecting things to be back to normal next week.

The evening is split in two; the first part is qigong and the second is a taiji workshop where we mostly look at a form (that long sequence of moves you see people doing) and partner work. Many people who come along stay for both parts and don't find it too long an evening. The sessions have been going for a few years now and I think a nice feeling has developed as the people who come along have influenced them.

New people are always welcome at any time. From January, I will be adding some qigong to the syllabus that will be a little easier for beginners to get going with than the Wild Goose qigong which we have been (and will continue) practising. No experience is necessary, then, for the qigong. I recommend that people new to taiji do a little qigong first, but it's not necessary: people have dived straight in and got on okay. I think there is plenty in the sessions to interest people who do know something about the subject.

The sessions are designed as drop-ins - you can start at any time and you don't have to get to every one. Most people get on very well in qigong without memorising lots of moves, but taiji requires a little effort practising at home to get the most from it. Wear some loose, comfortable clothing; I recommend flat pumps but some people are happy in socks or bare feet.

In the qigong part of the evening, we use shaking, swinging and self-massage as a warm-up. Starting in January I will present a compilation of qigong exercises which make a good beginning for people new to the subject. We have been working on the first long Wild Goose qigong form for a year or so, and there will still be some Wild Goose going on. In the taiji workshop we are working on the Cheng Man-Ch'ing (Zhèng Mànqīng, 鄭曼青) taiji form (and enjoying how each of us who knows the form does it in a slightly different way!). We are doing some partner exercises to give the form some context, develop our sensitivity and balance and challenge our centredness, and we are building up some standing practice.

As before, we are at the Castle Street Centre:

The Detached Room
Castle Street Centre
Castle Street, Kendal LA9 7AD

The qigong part of the session starts at 7pm and finishes at 8.15; the practice workshop goes from 8.15 until 9.15. Pay on the day prices are £6 for the qigong session, £5 for the practice workshop or £8 for both; for a block of 8 weeks the prices are £40, £32 and £52 (you decide when it starts, then it's up to you to get to enough of the 8 to make it a discount). The session will start again for 2016 on 13 January.


If you are interested, please contact me at andi (at) music (dot) freakout (dot) biz or on 015396 22045 ... or turn up to one of the sessions.

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